Find Out What's In Your Water

Choose our water testing service in Florida

Unsure about the quality of your water? Choose Statewide Water Testing Services today for a thorough water testing service. We can also mail you a water test that checks the chlorine and pH levels, hardness, and other key variables necessary for safe water consumption. You'll have a test mailed to you, then we'll take it from there. It's all a part of our water management system that ensures water quality, education and appropriate action for every Florida resident.

Order your test today by calling 855-330-5573.

What happens after your test?

Our Environmental Quality Assurance Technician is tasked with testing the water of homes and businesses as part of our water testing service and then recording the results accurately. Your test results will then be used to access water quality according to standards set by the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the National Drinking Water Database.

Once the quality is assessed, you'll receive:

  • Valuable location-specific information
  • Advice on corrective actions needed
  • Resources available through our partners

For more information on our water management system or water testing, reach out to our team at your convenience.